Storing Command Line Passwords In Keychain

March 07, 2013 at 10:38 PM

Over the last year, I’ve made the effort to get most of my passwords into 1Password. It’s pretty nice to only have to remember one password, along with easily with increasing your overall online security. Whenever another bank or website gets their password list stolen, I’m not concerned because my password for that site was “0RLrA4GQeGlRZR” or some other gibberish that was unique to that specific site.

Anyways, I still use a bevy of command line tools that mostly keep their passwords in .cfg files or $ENV variables in my home directory. It’s frustrating to have plain text passwords lying around, even if they are just random tokens.

Pianobar is a very cool command line program for playing Pandora songs that gets it right. It supports username and password in its config, but it also supports a password_command option, which lets another program store your passwords in a secure manner. Hence, I’ve wired things up to use the OSX Keychain.

Accessing The Keychain

The main magic is a shell script get_keychain that uses built-in OSX commands to lookup passwords in the Keychain:

Then password_command is

password_command = get_keychain pianobar

Which prompts to access my Keychain:


Setting Up The Keychain

This is the area I am hoping to improve. 1Password doesn’t really have an API for “accessing” passwords, so I manually entered my pianobar password into the Keychain. Perhaps this would be reason to switch to KeePass, which I’m assuming has an API.

I’d imagine some sort of Applescript magic could create a Keychain <> 1Password bridge.

Hopefully Good Ideas Spread

Specifically, the Python .pypirc has frustrated me recently with forcing me to store a clear text password or no password, but there are plenty of programs I would love to switch to not using a read-only config format.

Actually, while writing this post, I went digging and found two Python APIs that can read the 1Password database format, which makes the above Keychain bridge unnecessary!

I will have to investigate this 1Password integration further.

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