Book Review - Design For Hackers

December 30, 2011 at 04:54 PM

design for hackers

Design For Hackers
David Kadavy
ISBN: 1119998956

What’s The Point?

Design, layout, fonts, and color theory for websites and web applications. Kadavy covers all the main points of design, how design affects how we use things, and through understanding your design decisions, how you can make better decisions.

How Was It?

A useful and interesting read! The hacker in me likes well organized and straightforward things. Each of the main elements of design were given a chapter and covered thoroughly: what they are, how they work and why they exist in a historical context. There were plenty of visual examples that were current and useful.

Typography and fonts were given special preference, given the importance and history, and a practical guide for using them in most situations was given in an appendix.

Who Should Read It?

Programmers and hackers new to the topic. As an overall guide to design, it’s a great starting point and covers the bases, but is not a detailed guide on any topic.


I met the author through a GrubWithUs group meal. He was using group meals as a kind of book tour and it was an interesting experience to eat and discuss the book together! I also got my copy signed!

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