Simple Sidebar Navigation with Sausage.js

May 29, 2011 at 11:41 AM

Several weeks ago, a friend linked me to Sausage.js, “a jQuery UI widget for contextual pagination.” I would call it more of a sidebar navigation widget. The example page was intriguing and prompted me to add it to this blog.


My inital goal was based off the CouchDB example linked on the Sausage homepage. I was slowed down by trying to figure out the exact JS and CSS requirements, which aren’t specifically listed out, and some conflicts with my local CSS for this blog, the main Sausage div requires height 100% and I had something else set to 100% height which didn’t work well…

The main requirements:

Here is the main code to setup Sausage for my blog:

    page: '.post',
    content: function (i, $page) {
        return '<span class="sausage-span">' + $page.find('h2').first().text() + '</span>';


The main thing Sausage.js provides is a sidebar that updates as you scroll, showing your current position among the main elements of the page. Great for blogs or documentation and no need to modify your current docs, since it’s dynamically created on the client.

I wanted to add the ability to jump between elements, which when I looked, was broken in Sausage and I re-implemented poorly.

$.each($('.sausage'), function (i, e) {
    $(e).bind('click', function () {
        var curTop = $('h2').eq(i).offset().top;
        $(window).scrollTop(curTop - 20);

Thanks to GitHub, I was able to easily fix the broken scrolling code, offer a fix, and get some simple navigation on the blog.

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