More iTunes Stats

January 17, 2009 at 12:00 PM

My friend Drew updated his Perl iTunes library module in this post, adding an example script for providing a bunch of stats. I used his module previously, practicing my Perl skills and getting some basic stats for my facebook profile, but his example sets a good baseline for comparison. Here are my iTunes stats, check out his post to grab yours!

Number of tracks: 14811
Total size: 130492.45 MB            Average size: 8.81 MB
Total time: 61d 0h 49m 31s          Average time: 5m56s
Ratio of songs/artists: 6.07506152584085

Most popular artists, by number of tracks:
    257     Yoko Kanno
    207     Aphex Twin
    190     Nine Inch Nails
    154     Pink Floyd
    153     Massive Attack

Most popular artists, by playcount:
    672     Dieselboy
    462     Ferry Corsten
    373     Nikonn
    343     Yoko Kanno
    335     Deep Forest

Most popular genres, by number of tracks:
    1940    Electronic
    1894    Rock
    1066    Trance
    953     Soundtrack
    739     Indie Rock

Most popular genres, by playcount:
    4488    Electronic
    2800    Drum & Bass
    2683    Trance
    1937    Rock
    1573    Ambient

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