Exporting Notes From Facebook

May 31, 2008 at 11:36 PM

I’m importing some lost data tonight thanks to Facebook Notes. My FB Notes are subscribed to this blog’s RSS feed, it pulls down all my posts and re-posts them. It’s kinda of a waste to duplicate data, however, my friends are on FB and I get some hits from that. It has also saved my ass when my host crashes and loses all my posts! My posts exists on FB, however, due to the closed wall environment that FB has, you have to work hard to pull it out.

The trick is that FB has an RSS feed of your last 10 Notes, whether you wrote them on FB or imported them from elsewhere. WordPress allows you to import RSS feeds. Find the RSS feed on FB that your 10 last Notes and save it locally to your computer, then import it into WP! To access your FB Notes past the first 10, delete the Notes you just imported off FB and your RSS feed will update to 10 new notes. Repeat until all your data is off FB and onto WP!

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