Blackberry Curve Thoughts: Day One

June 04, 2007 at 03:00 PM

Since getting a Blackberry at work, I’ve been obsessed. Internet, chatting with friends, Google Maps, any piece of information I want, on the go, and in a great package. The old and busted model 7230 that I had nice, I wanted better. After my friend bought one and started nagging me, I caved and bought the Blackberry Curve today and am loving it!

Key features that I love:

  • Amazing Internet browsing. The largest problem with the mobile web is how a barrier was created between normal sites and mobile versions of the sites. With the Curve, it doesn’t even matter. The phone is powerful enough to handle normal websites, so you don’t need even a mobile version. It still helps though.
  • Syncing of all my email accounts, work and personal. Gmail works flawlessly. I have a Cingular email account now for free? They all go to my phone and once I view a message on my phone, it’s marked as viewed on the PC always.
  • AIM + Gtalk + Yaho, basically any instant messaging service I want to use, anywhere.
  • Integrated phone that really isn’t that bad. 2MP is a decent size and the photo quality is good.
  • Open platform. Not that I ever will, but I CAN write applications for the Blackberry. If something isn’t done well, do it better yourself.

I can go on for a bit, but thats the main reason I wanted this device. I might be a bit out of date with mobile phones and smart phones, but this blows away anything I’ve seen from any good normal phone (Razor) or smart Windows phone. The Blackberry is a great product that has been polished for years and I love it.

The iPhone might be dropping this month, but I’ve never really been interested. The MP3 player, the closed platform, and the phone itself are all features I’m just not interested, along with the fact of it being a different price range. I’ll take a QWERTY keyboard any day over a touch screen!

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