Hidden:Source Beta 3

May 03, 2006 at 12:00 PM

So for those in the know, Hidden:Source came out with Beta 3 of their Half Life 2 mod. It is an excellent and very much improved version, which I can’t stop playing. My server has been updated with it and it’s running 24/7, as the name suggests. I’ve been having issues with Mani Mod and server crashing, but that seems to be all due to Mani Mod. The server code is alot more stable, which I love.

If you haven’t check out this mod, do so. I could best relate it to the movie Predator, but more awesome. A team of marines goes to capture an escaped invisible mutant, who turns the tables and tries to kill them. Very fun gameplay and mechanics, the thrill that you get playing as the hidden is like nothing else I have experienced before. Try this mod out!

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